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Henley Air Flight Training is a SACAA accredited online examination facility and all PPL(H) exams may be completed at our premises. Our PPL(H) online exam facilities are open to all PPL(H) students irrespective of which flight school you choose to train with.

Please note that for both PPL(H) and CPL(H) examinations the student has a period of 18 months to pass all exams after passing their first exam. Once all exams are completed the student has a period of 36 months to complete the required skills test.

Everything you need to know about what we offer

What you will learn

•CAA Examination Processes •Invigilation •Time Constraints

Pass Requirements 

A pass mark of at least 75% is required for all your examinations.

Description of our Online Exams and Invigilation Facility and Services

Henley Air Flight School is proud to be recognized as a distinguished online examination facility accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). Our accreditation ensures that aspiring pilots can conveniently complete their Private Pilot License Helicopter (PPL(H)) exams at our state-of-the-art premises. These include Night Rating and Radio Telephony exams. We extend a warm welcome to all PPL(H) students, regardless of their choice of flight school for training. We understand the importance of providing accessible and efficient exam facilities for PPL(H) students. That's why we offer a seamless online exam experience, enabling students to fulfill their examination requirements conveniently and in compliance with SACAA regulations. Whether you're enrolled in our flight school or pursuing training elsewhere, you can take advantage of our PPL(H) online exam facilities. It's essential to note that both PPL(H) and Commercial Pilot License Helicopter (CPL(H)) examinations follow a specific timeline. Once a student successfully passes their first exam, they are granted a period of 18 months to complete all remaining exams. This timeframe ensures that students’ progress steadily through their theoretical knowledge assessments, consolidating their aviation knowledge within a reasonable period. After completing all the necessary exams, students are allotted an additional 36-month period to undertake the required skills test. This allows aspiring pilots to demonstrate their practical flying abilities, further solidifying their competence and readiness for flight operations. At Henley Air Flight School, we prioritize providing comprehensive support to our students throughout their pilot training journey. Our commitment to facilitating efficient examinations and ensuring a reasonable timeline for completion allows aspiring aviators to pursue their dreams with confidence.

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