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Instructors Rating



An Instructors Rating (Grade 3) allows the holder of a CPL(H) or ATPL(H) to give instruction to a student wishing to obtain a PPL(H). The rating is extremely involved, yet rewarding, representing 80 hours of theoretical instruction and 20 hours of flight instruction from the opposite seat. It is an excellent opportunity to refresh one’s knowledge and experience a steep learning curve, even if many hours of commercial flying have already been obtained.


Henley Air Flight School prefers to select their instructors from experienced crew within the organisation, where the instructor is then supervised and developed from their first hour onwards. An Instructors Rating represents a huge responsibility to provide quality instruction, as well as protect the standard of the entire South African aviation industry.

Everything you need to know about your Instructors Rating (H)

What you will learn

•Physics of Aerodynamics •Managing emergencies •How to become a mentor •How to assess and evaluate students •Ground school for aviation •Psychological aspects around teaching

Description of our Instructors Rating (H)

Our helicopter instructor's rating is a professional certification that signifies an individual's ability to provide flight instruction for aspiring helicopter pilots. Obtaining this rating requires a combination of extensive flight experience, in-depth knowledge of helicopter systems and operations, and excellent teaching skills. Helicopter instructors play a crucial role in training future aviators by imparting essential knowledge, teaching flying techniques, and ensuring safety throughout the learning process. They are responsible for providing comprehensive ground and flight instruction, evaluating students' progress, and guiding them towards acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to become proficient helicopter pilots. A helicopter instructor's rating demonstrates their expertise and competence in effectively instructing and shaping the next generation of helicopter aviators.

The South African minimum requirements for an Instructors Rating(H) 

•18 Years or older •CPL(H) or ATPL(H) •Fluent in English (Speak, read, write, and understand) and pass the English Proficiency Examination •A Class I or II Aviation Medical. oWe will assist you with booking your Aviation Medical appointment. •have successfully undergone the instructor ground evaluation test •pass the skills test

Ground School Subjects: approx. 40hours

SACAA Accredited Subjects: •Applied Meteorology and Navigation •Principles of Flight and Legislation Instructor Preparation Briefings: approx. 80 hours •Long Briefings: approx. 20 hours •Short Briefings: approx. 30 hours •Home preparation and study: 30 hours

Our Preferred Helicopters for your Instructors Rating (H)

We highly recommend the Robinson R44 helicopter, known for its immense popularity, safety, and reliability. With a capacity for up to 4 individuals (pilot and 3 passengers, depending on weight and fuel), it offers cost-effective rental options, a proven track record, and ease of maneuverability for quick learning.

Pass Requirements for your Instructors Rating (H)

A pass mark of at least 75% is required for all your examinations. Total of 2 examinations are required.

Flight Hours

•20 hours of practical flight instructor training (patter) o5 hours may be completed on our Bell222 Simulator

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