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Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)


Highly recommended course

This course is strongly recommended for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in corporate aviation. The ATPL Course represents the pinnacle of certification for helicopter pilots, providing comprehensive training in aeronautical skills and experience essential to meet the requirements of the ATP certificate. Successful completion of this course equips pilots with the competence to operate safely and effectively as airline transport pilots.

Everything you need to know about your ATPL(H)

What you will learn

•Command preparation •Risk Management •Multi-Engine exposure •Instrument procedures •Planning and procedures •Multi-Crew Cooperation

Our Preferred Helicopters for our ATPL(H) Training

There isn’t a specific type of helicopter to advance to your ATPL license, instead it is all about air experience and meeting the requirements as listed below. Henley operates a fast fleet of helicopters where experience can be obtained to achieve this higher license. However, during the latter stages of this course, will you be introduced into a multi-engine & multi-crew environment. The preferred helicopters then will be our: Bell 222: well-suited for ATPL(H) license training due to its advanced features and capabilities. It offers a multi-engine configuration, allowing pilots to gain valuable experience in managing and flying twin-engine helicopters. With its spacious cabin and excellent maneuverability, the Bell 222 provides a comfortable and responsive training platform for aspiring helicopter pilots working towards their ATPL(H) license. Bell 230: With exceptional performance and versatility, the Bell 230 is a medium-sized twin-engine helicopter that serves as an ideal training platform. Pilots can acquire valuable experience in operating multi-engine helicopters, a crucial requirement for obtaining their ATPL(H) license. The Bell 230's comfortable and modern training environment, complete with a spacious cabin and advanced avionics, facilitates the development of essential skills and knowledge necessary for aspiring helicopter pilots.

Pass Requirements for our Airline Transport Pilot License Helicopter (ATPL(H))

A pass mark of at least 75% is required for all your examinations. Total of 6 examinations are required.

Flight Hours

•A minimum of 1500 hours in total of which: o250 hours minimum as pilot in command o50 hours minimum as pilot in command by night o200 hours minimum as cross country oYou require a minimum of 30 hours instrument flight time of which 10 hours may be accumulated on a simulator

Your Study/Career Pathway to an ATPL(H)

•The Private Pilot’s License (H) •The Night Rating (H) •The Commercial License (H) theoretical ground school and examinations •Hour building •The Instrument Rating (H) •The Multi Engine Rating (H) •The Commercial Pilot’s License (H) •The Airline Transport Pilot’s License (H) ground school and examinations •The Airline Transport Pilot’s License (H)

Description of our ATPL(H)

This course is highly recommended for those individuals wishing to enter the corporate flying world. This is the highest certification level a helicopter pilot can achieve. The ATPL Course is designed to give the student the aeronautical skill and experience necessary to meet the requirements of the ATP certificate and operate safely as an airline transport pilot. NOTE: this is essentially not a course offering, but more guidance towards ATPL. HAFS can assist a student when there are short comings to completing your ATPL when you near 1500hours total time).

The South African minimum requirements for ATPL(H) training

•21 years old •A Class I or II Aviation Medical. oWe will assist you with booking your Aviation Medical appointment. •Hold a valid CPL(H) •The Night Rating •The Instrument Rating •The Multi Engine Rating •The Commercial theoretical ground school and examinations •Hour building •Have completed the appropriate training at an authorized ATO •Fluent in English (Speak, read, write, and understand) and pass the English Proficiency Examination

Ground School Subjects: approx. 40hours

SACAA ATPL(H) Subject Credits: After completing the below and your final flight test, which will be a multi-engine instrument flight test, you will be issued an Airline Transport Pilots License (H). 1.Aviation Meteorology 2.Aircraft Technical and General 3.Radio Aids 4.Instruments 5.Navigation 6.Flight Planning and Performance

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