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Multi-Engine Rating


Significant milestone

A pilot's initial transition to multi-engine aircraft is a significant career milestone. These helicopters demand substantial training to master their intricate systems, procedures, and inherent performance complexities, making them an investment not only in the operation but also in the crew.

Everything you need to know about your Multi-Engine Rating

What you will learn

•Helicopter Performance Classes •Performance planning •Emergency training •Bell 222 flying profiles •Multi-Engine dynamics

Description of our Multi-Engine Rating

The training for our helicopter multi-engine rating imparts pilots with the necessary skills to safely operate multi-engine helicopters. The program encompasses instruction on systems, flight planning, and aerodynamics tailored to multi-engine aircraft. This comprehensive training comprises classroom learning, simulator exercises, and practical flight sessions. Once the training is successfully finished, pilots receive a multi-engine rating that authorizes them to proficiently operate such helicopters. This qualification enhances their skills and unlocks novel career prospects within the aviation sector.

The South African minimum requirements for our Multi-Engine Rating

•18 Years or older •CPL(H) OR ATPL (H) and 70 hours as PIC on helicopters •Type rating on Bell 222 – minimum of 200 hours as PIC •Fluent in English (Speak, read, write, and understand) and pass the English Proficiency Examination •A Class I or II Aviation Medical. oWe will assist you with booking your Aviation Medical appointment.

Ground School Subjects: approx. 8 hours

Ground school theory: •Aircraft General •Electrical Systems •Lighting •Caution & Warning Systems •Fuel Systems •Powerplants •Air management System •Fire Protection •Powertrain •Main & Tail Rotors •Hydraulic System •Avionics and Utility Systems •Weight & Balance and Performance

Our Preferred Helicopters for your Multi-Engine Rating

We utilize our unique Bell 222 simulator and, prefer our fleet of Bell 222 Helicopters. The Bell 222 was the first light commercial twin-turbine helicopter developed in the United States. The Bell 222 incorporated several advanced features including dual hydraulic and electrical systems, sponsons housing the retractable landing gear, and the Noda Matic vibration reduction system. The Bell 222 performs well at high density altitudes which makes it an ideal platform for your Multi-Engine Rating which will be conducted at Rand Airport.

Pass Requirements for your Multi-Engine Rating

No examination is required for this type of training. As part of the course, you will need to pass an open-book technical quiz.

Flight Hours: 6 hours

•5 hours Bell 222 Simulator or actual Bell 222 •1 hour skills test actual Bell 222

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