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Initial Turbine Rating


Fascinating and miraculous engineering.

Gas Turbine engines are truly a fascinating and miraculous feat of engineering. Transitioning to helicopters that are powered by turbine engines entails a significant amount of theoretical training and study to improve understanding of the inner workings of such an engine.

There exists no hour requirement for an initial turbine rating – however a 5-hour rating is recommended by Henley Air when transitioning to the Bell JetRanger type.


This requirement is as much to allow time to learn the characteristics of the turbine powerplant as it is to introduce students to the Bell Helicopter product line, of which the JetRanger is a seminal example.

Everything you need to know about our Initial Turbine Rating (H)

What you will learn

•Turbine engine operation •Helicopter systems •Limitations •Emergency procedures •Helicopter performance •Avoidance of HOT starting

Description of our Initial Turbine Rating (H)

Initial Turbine Rating training is a specialized program designed to equip helicopter pilots with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate turbine-powered helicopters. This comprehensive training involves a combination of theoretical instruction, simulator sessions, and practical flight training. Pilots learn about turbine engine operations, systems, limitations, and emergency procedures in ground school, which provides a strong foundation for the subsequent simulator training. Simulators allow pilots to practice handling turbine engines in various scenarios, honing their skills in engine control, start-up procedures, and emergency responses. Finally, pilots progress to actual flight training, where they gain hands-on experience in operating turbine-powered helicopters, such as our preferred machine, the Bell Jet Ranger 206, mastering procedures for takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing. Through rigorous training and regulatory compliance, the Initial Turbine Rating program ensures that pilots are prepared to navigate the unique challenges of turbine engine operation and perform their duties safely and proficiently.

The South African minimum requirements for Initial Turbine Rating (H)

•18 Years or older •PPL(H) •Fluent in English (Speak, read, write, and understand) and pass the English Proficiency Examination •A Class I or II Aviation Medical. oWe will assist you with booking your Aviation Medical appointment. •Class rating on a Single-Engine Aircraft (SEA) o5 hours Dual instruction on the aircraft o5 hours of ground school

Ground School Subjects: 


Our Preferred Helicopters for your Initial Turbine Rating (H)

The Bell Jet Ranger 206 is well suited for initial turbine rating training due to its excellent performance and responsive handling. Equipped with a single turbine engine, it helps pilots understand the unique characteristics of turbine-powered aircraft. The aircraft's safety features, versatility, and industry familiarity further contribute to its popularity among aspiring turbine pilots.

Pass Requirements for your Initial Turbine Rating (H)

A total of 1 Quiz (open book) is required.

Flight Hours: 5 hours

•Starting, ground emergencies and shutting down. •Upper air work •Ground manoeuvres, hovering, lift of and touch down •Confined & Sloped area landings •Emergencies •Maximum all up weight training

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