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Henley Air Flight Training Students

HAFT offers excellence in Aviation Training for both national and international private students and organisations by investing in the development of our experienced instructors, who have been exposed to the diverse operation scope under the Henley Air roof, resulting in pragmatic, professional and relevant instruction.

There is an atmosphere of exhilaration and pride as we celebrate our student pilots when they pass significant milestones and achieve their various licenses or ratings for helicopter training. The culmination of their dedication, hard work, and perseverance is met with resounding applause from our community here at HAFT.


These moments of triumph signify not only the fulfillment of individual dreams but also the testament to the exceptional training and guidance provided by our experienced instructors. With each license or rating attained, our student pilots soar to new heights, ready to embrace the thrilling challenges and endless possibilities that await them in the skies.


Civilian Students

We love to record the key moments of our HAFT student pilots journeys towards their PPL (H) and CPL (H). 

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International Students

HAFT welcomes groups of international students who attend our flight school to qualify for their PPL (H) and then move onto their  CPL (H) and various other qualifications which we offer

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