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Crew Resource Management (CRM) 


Accredited courses

Henley Air is an accredited provider of Initial, Refresher and Single-Pilot Crew Resource Management (CRM) courses. Dangerous Goods, Human Factors, Integrated Safety, Quality Assurance Auditor and Safety Management Systems courses are also available.

Everything you need to know about our Crew Resource Management Training (CRM)

What you will learn

•Developing and refining the interpersonal skills •Communication techniques •Culture of collaboration •Decision-making abilities of flight crews •Utilization of resources to mitigate risks •Enhance situational awareness

Description of our Crew Resource Management Training (CRM)

Aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) training plays a pivotal role in promoting safety and optimizing performance within the aviation industry. This comprehensive program focuses on developing and refining the interpersonal skills, communication techniques, and decision-making abilities of flight crews. CRM training emphasizes the importance of clear and effective communication, fostering a culture of collaboration, and utilizing all available resources to mitigate risks and enhance situational awareness. By encouraging open dialogue, promoting assertiveness, and fostering a non-punitive environment, CRM training enables pilots and crew members to effectively manage threats and errors, improve teamwork and coordination, and make informed decisions in high-pressure and dynamic situations. Ultimately, CRM training plays a crucial role in enhancing safety, reducing accidents, and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in aviation operations. Henley Air is an accredited provider of the below courses: •Initial CRM •Refresher CRM •Single-Pilot Crew Resource Management (CRM) •Dangerous Goods •Human Factors •Integrated Safety •Quality Assurance Auditor •Safety Management Systems

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