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Take the next step in your aviation career and get your Night Rating (H)

Obtaining a night rating for a helicopter opens up a world of possibilities and enhances the capabilities of a pilot in numerous ways.

night rating helicopter NR(H) training in a robison r44 by henley air flight school

Flying at night presents unique challenges and demands a higher level of skill and proficiency, making it a valuable skill to acquire. With a night rating, pilots gain the confidence and competence to navigate through darkness, relying on advanced navigation techniques, night vision equipment, and precise instrument interpretation.

It not only broadens the scope of operations, including emergency medical services, search and rescue missions, and law enforcement support but also enhances safety by mitigating the risks associated with night flying. Mastering night operations equips pilots with a valuable toolset that allows them to expand their career opportunities and excel in their aviation endeavors.

What is a Night Rating (NR(H))? Here is a quick ‘top 5’ summary for you:

  1. A Night Rating (NR(H)) allows pilots with PPL(H), CPL(H), or ATPL(H) to fly during nighttime hours.

  2. The NR offers pilots the flexibility to extend day trips and land shortly after nightfall.

  3. NR training introduces instrument flying techniques and reinforces knowledge of low visibility hazards.

  4. Obtaining an NR is highly recommended for PPL(H) pilots and necessary for those pursuing CPL(H) or ATPL(H) licenses.

  5. Night flying opportunities in South Africa are primarily found in areas with city lights.

Register your interest for your Night Rating (NR(H)) with us if you are keen to take the next step.


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