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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The preferred helicopter for sling rating training can vary depending on several factors, including the specific requirements of the training program, the location, and the budget. However, some popular helicopters used for a helicopter sling rating training include:

Robinson R44:

The Bell R44 helicopter is an excellent choice for sling load training due to its reliable performance, maneuverability, and spacious cabin. With its robust engine, it can handle heavy loads efficiently. The R44's responsive handling allows for precise control, while its large windows provide excellent visibility. Its reputation for reliability makes it a trusted option for sling load training, ensuring a safe and effective learning experience.

Bell Jet Ranger 206:

The Bell Jet Ranger helicopter is an ideal choice for sling load training. With its powerful engine, spacious cabin, and excellent visibility, it provides the necessary strength, coordination space, and situational awareness for effective training. Its responsive handling and proven reliability make it a trusted platform for developing sling load skills.

AS350 Squirrel: The AS350 Squirrel helicopter is highly suitable for sling load training due to its exceptional characteristics and capabilities. With its powerful engine and advanced flight systems, the AS350 Squirrel delivers the necessary stability and strength to handle heavy loads during training sessions.

Bell Long Ranger 206:

An excellent choice for sling load training. It offers exceptional stability, power, and versatility. With its powerful engine and advanced flight control systems, it easily handles heavy loads while maintaining a steady hover. The LongRanger's spacious cabin provides ample room for trainees to observe and coordinate the loading process, and its large windows offer excellent visibility for enhanced situational awareness. Its responsive handling allows for precise maneuvering, enabling trainees to develop their skills in various scenarios. Overall, the LongRanger's reliability, performance, and user-friendly design make it highly effective for sling load training.

Bell 222:

The Bell 222 is a preferred choice for sling load training due to its powerful performance, precise handling, reliable safety record, spacious cabin, and widespread availability. Its twin turbine engines provide the necessary power, while agile controls ensure accurate load positioning. With a proven track record, the Bell 222 offers a reliable and safe training environment, supported by a familiar design and accessible spare parts.

Choosing the right helicopter is vital for safe and effective sling load rating training. The preferred helicopter depends on individual needs, considering factors like performance, stability, versatility, and availability. Careful selection ensures successful training, enabling the development of essential skills in a secure and efficient manner.


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