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Message from our Executive Chairman, Andre Coetzee

“We stand at the threshold of yet another passed year – albeit too quickly – and a new year beginning!

2022 was a year of great significance for our business and for many of us in the Henley Air family. We were blessed with incredible growth within all facets of the group and stand astounded how every member of our team contributed to success, expansion, prosperity, and above all, SAFETY. I humbly share a few of the major accomplishments from 2022:

  • Henley Air Technical started in February and has grown in leaps and bounds. Joe Bodington and his crew have established a world-class maintenance facility of which we are exceptionally proud. Well done guys!

  • In November, ROCKET Air Ambulance expanded into the Limpopo province after many tender attempts and through sheer perseverance, belief and massive effort. To Hendrik and his entire team, congratulations with a remarkable roll-out plan and execution in record time! Our Johannesburg and Kimberley HEMS bases have consistently grown in size and monthly hours, particularly when considering the unrivalled proposition created through ROCKET Rescue.

  • Henley Air Flight Training welcomed the Tanzanian Airforce cadets in March and have completed ± 50% of their CPL training programme. The project has been ably managed by Frans Wessels and a cohort of instructors, all under the watchful eye of our new Head of Training, Vic Röttcher. This has been an incredible effort in remaining within the stipulated timeframes and budgets. The growth of the civilian flight school has been something to behold and continues to attract new students and friends.

  • Our charter division and overall pilot pool has been blessed by the addition of Bruce Daniels as Chief Pilot. He brings a lifetime of experience and vast operational prowess that has elevated our flight crews to a level of professionalism that’s unheard of in the local industry. He leads with innovation and by example – thanks Bruce!

  • Henley Aeronautical Institute of Learning opened its doors in January and enrolled its first ten students towards a dual qualification in Aviation Management and flying. Lonell Coetzee has been a guiding light to all the students in pursuing their goal and we wish them all well with the final exams.

  • We are very proud of each and every individual achievement relating to Life Long Learning. This includes both academic and aviation qualifications that were completed throughout the course of a busy year. Henley Air is a firm supporter of LLL and will perpetually endeavour to encourage all its staff to further their academic interests in expanding their horizons.

Our staff compliment has grown to in excess of 50 people despite the economic and financial challenges that the world is still facing. We are very mindful of this blessing and the mere fact that we have been able to gradually expand our operation whilst others have experienced immense hardship.

  • Thank you to all our support staff, flight desk agents, post-holders and consultants. Your involvement and efforts during the course of 2022 is constantly noticed and appreciated.

  • Thank you to our pilots (fulltime and freelance), instructors and medical crews that have made for a highly professional and safe year of flying. You are all the envy of the industry, and we are proud to have you aboard!

  • Having moved sidewards to my own “RDP house” in the corner of Hangar 6, and leaving the daily operations to Boeta and Ané, I wish to thank them for their terrific drive in keeping our business at an uncanny level of Excellence, Reliability, SAFETY, Care and Sustainability. I am so, so proud of, and pleased with what has been achieved in one year – an amazing feat!

It is my sincere wish for one and all that 2023 may bring you exciting new challenges, opportunities, prosperity and, above all, good health. Alle heil en seën vir die nuwe jaar!”

- Andre Coetzee, Executive Chairman, Henley Air Group

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