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Get your Game Capture Rating or Livestock Culling Rating at Henley Air Flight School

The game capture rating holds tremendous value and is widely coveted by individuals across the globe, but it is especially in high demand within the vast and diverse landscapes of Africa. The continent's rich wildlife and expansive game reserves attract adventurers, conservationists, and professionals seeking to contribute to the protection and management of game animals.

At our professional training facility, our team of exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable instructors possess extensive experience in game capture operations. They are committed to nurturing and guiding aspiring pilots, instilling in them the necessary skills, expertise, and mindset required to navigate the unique challenges of game capture missions.

Our instructors understand the paramount importance of safety in every aspect of game capture operations. They impart their wealth of knowledge, emphasizing the significance of cautious and responsible piloting techniques. By prioritizing safety, they ensure not only the well-being of the pilots but also that of the entire team involved in these high-stakes operations, as well as the welfare of the game animals themselves.

As a trainee, you will receive comprehensive and specialized training, tailored to equip you with the skills to operate helicopters in close proximity to wildlife and challenging terrains. You will learn the art of precise maneuvering, executing actions with utmost precision and control, even when confronted with potentially hazardous flight conditions. Through rigorous practice and simulated scenarios, you will develop the ability to make split-second decisions while maintaining a vigilant awareness of the safety of all individuals and the welfare of the game animals being captured.

Moreover, our training program extends beyond technical expertise. We believe in fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for wildlife conservation, ethics, and the delicate balance between human intervention and the natural world. By emphasizing the importance of responsible and sustainable practices, we aim to produce pilots who are not only skilled aviators but also passionate advocates for the well-being and preservation of game animals and their habitats.

Upon successful completion of our rigorous training program, you will possess the coveted game capture rating, a testament to your proficiency, dedication, and commitment to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. With this prestigious rating, you will be well-equipped to undertake challenging game capture missions, contribute to wildlife management efforts, and make a positive impact in the game industry, both locally and globally.

Embark on this transformative journey with us, as we guide you towards becoming a skilled and cautious game-rated pilot, ready to navigate the thrilling and rewarding world of game capture operations while upholding the values of safety, conservation, and responsible stewardship of our natural heritage.


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